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⏯ Google Wages War: Weaponized to Spy, Push Propaganda, and Cut off Truth

There’s a solidarity rising and emerging with an urgent name for the revealing of fact spreading from coast to coast in America.

The concern over the previous few years is systemic and growing as fact seekers & dragon slayers come ahead in the identify of citizen journalists, researchers, various radio and media hosts, Youtubers, various & holistic docs, and American patriots have woke up to the consensus that massive tech social media has been Weaponized to spy on People, push propaganda, minimize off the truth and energy of data to the plenty, with an all out struggle towards the trailblazers of fact who wore the crown before social media actually developed and carried out their agenda 21/30.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has turn out to be certainly one of Huge Tech’s arch-enemies as Mercola is likely one of the powerful well being and wellness icons recognized to tens of millions across the globe for his commentary, information and the notice of what the Left is doing to harm each side of life on this planet.

It’s heartbreaking what they’ve executed to Dr. Mercola, taking his voice and freedom of speech away from him in the 21st century of the USA of America.

Dr. Mercola states “Through the years, the federal government and business monopolies, together with the likes of Massive Tech, have shaped a worldwide alliance hell bent on protecting and concentrating member income. The worth for preserving enterprise going as ordinary in personal liberty and freedom of speech which will influence these fascist government-industrial complexes.

The key industries colluding to take over the government and government businesses embrace banking, army, agriculture, pharma, media and Massive Tech.

The leaders of these industries have organized strategies to buy off politicians by way of lobbying and to seize regulatory businesses via revolving door hiring strategies and paid for media influence by way of promoting dollars.

Massive Tech has joined the motion, bringing in a worldwide concentration of wealth to get rid of competition and essential voices, voices that deliver awareness to the scary future as our rights, freedoms and competitors erode right into a fascist sunset, all disguised as a way to shield you from “misinformation.”

Dr. Mercola reminds us that “Google is not an independent actor in its censorship movement. While some argue that Google, being a private company, has the right to do whatever it wants, even if that means creating algorithms that censor important and relevant news and health insights while manually burying “undesirable” pages to shield the income of it’s advertisers and other financial stakeholders.

Nevertheless, being one of many largest monopolies on the earth, one might argue Google has really develop into more of a utility (like fuel, water and electric utilities), and as such has a duty to serve the individuals. In reality final yr, U.S. .Home Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, prompt Google and Facebook be was, and regulated as, public utilities.

In any case, if you need to discover a solution on the internet what do you do? You Google it, you don’t simply “search”. Google labored for a few years to earn your trust, nevertheless it was simply setting a lure to twist that trust into highly effective management.

Sadly, even if such an concept have been to achieve traction (which it has not), it nonetheless wouldn’t remedy the problem, as Google is just not appearing independently, but relatively is merely fulfilling a task inside a much larger complicated that features the U.S. government, it’s army and national security apparatus, in addition to several of the wealthiest and strongest industries on the planet.

All of those “partners” have a vested curiosity in censoring info addressed by yours really each day; info relating to nondrug options for the prevention and remedy of disease and /or warnings about harmful remedies, medicine and vaccines, for example, or the advantages of regenerative agriculture over typical farming and pretend meat, or the hazards of poisonous chemical compounds found in everyday merchandise and food.

Again, as defined earlier, Google’s newest core algorithm replace and quality rater tips bury all of this info, favoring as an alternative info relayed by websites which might be both part of this industrial technological army government complicated, or that peddle the desired talking factors.

It doesn’t matter that I’m reporting on and referencing publicly out there peer reviewed analysis and have an entire panel of medical and scientific specialists reviewing much of the knowledge, because the science I spotlight is the science business doesn’t need you to see.

Few are ever going to take the time to dig up these research despite the fact that they’re readily available, and thus by censoring me and different on-line sources like myself, the economic technological army government complicated’s process of social engineering is significantly simplified.

The knowledge I share about pharmaceutical medicine and vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, junk meals, pretend meat, artificial sweeteners and different dangerous additives are prime targets for censorship for the straightforward purpose that whenever you take management of your well being, they LOSE control over you. By being informed, you’re taking their power over you away from them.”

Huge tech corporations are coming beneath heightened scrutiny in D.C. from the government and Congress. Not only are the President and many conservatives criticizing major tech corporations, Yet, Democrat, Sen. Elizabeth Warren can also be calling for a break up of the tech moguls, Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

According to multiple media sources the White Home is planning a Social Media Summit on July 11, 2019, to “bring together digital leaders for a robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment.”

President Trump has complained concerning the European Union concentrating on U.S. know-how corporations. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has fined Google billions of dollars for antitrust violations and has opened an early-stage investigation into Inc’s potential use of knowledge on smaller rivals sales. As properly complaints embrace threats of alleged bias towards conservatives at social media corporations and the President said that “the U.S. government should sue Google and Facebook Inc. for unspecified wrongdoing.”

The Justice Department has taken duty for Google and Apple Inc, while the FTC will oversee Facebook and Amazon.

Let’s revisit February 2011, when President Obama flew into the Silicon Valley for a two hour dinner with eight of the fifteen tech moguls who have been among his and the Democratic social gathering main campaign contributors, in the present day we see this as the rising communist get together, the anti-American, radical Left.

Upon his arrival, Obama was greeted by then, former Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, (Nancy Pelosi’s nephew) former Lawyer Basic Kamala Harris, and San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee. After a short flight to the Canada Group School in Redwood Metropolis, the POTUS was motorcaded to a 90 minute personal dinner held at the outstanding house of Silicon Valley enterprise capitalist John Doerr.

Many of these attendees have been members of TechNet. This 14 yr previous know-how lobbying group was founded in the Silicon Valley. An advocacy group for high-tech CEOs, their names included, Carol Bartz, president and CEO, Yahoo, John Chambers, CEO and chairman, Cisco Methods, Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter, John Doerr, associate, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO, Oracle, Reed Hastings, CEO, Netflix, John Hennessy, president Stanford University, Steve Jobs, chairman and CEO, Apple, Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO, Genentech, Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO, Google, Steve Westly, managing companion and founder, The Westly Group, Mark Zuckerberg, founder, president and CEO, Facebook.

The narrative of the assembly was said by Stanford University President John Hennessy “it’s a good meeting with frank and vigorous exchange of opinions focused on innovation and economic growth, including topics such as the nation’s investment in research and education, high-skill visa reform and educating more engineers and scientists.”

Former POTUS #44 was leading a toast whereas eating with Silicon Valley’s tech moguls, together with on the time Apple’s Steve Jobs, but there no additional details relating to this personal two hour dinner occasion….question is, what was the actual matter of dialogue?

We ask this as a result of we as we speak are witnessing the Treason and Tyranny demonstrated by the administration belonging to the previous POTUS. Is this the actual purpose why these tech moguls assault President Trump, to deflect the agenda of their very own actions?

In any case, President Trump stands between the communist Left, holding them from obtaining their long planned out plot towards the American individuals. One of the sources concerned in arranging this meeting stated the tech moguls applauded Obama’s funding of science and know-how packages and research improvement, but in addition pushed the president to help corporate tax reform, together with decreasing taxes on profit generated abroad.

John Chambers the chairman and CEO of Cisco, who sat throughout the table from the former commander in chief said “I was honored to be apart of the discussion with President Obama and Silicon Valley business leaders. Government and private industry must work hand in hand to spur innovation, strengthen our economy and get Americans back to work.”

Hold on a minute, isn’t Cisco Techniques, Inc. an important part of the Defense Info Methods Agency cybersecurity? Yet in 2015, during Obama’s administration, it was reported from U.S. CENTCOM that there was a break on this trusted Cybersecurity.

These firms in addition to these nefarious individuals ought to be introduced up on costs for the degrees of treason and tyranny they’ve participated in towards the American individuals. I personally hope their names are amongst those of the sealed indictments towards the domestic enemies from inside.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”~ Edmund Burke

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