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Immigration 101: Who is Stephen Miller?

Initially revealed February 15, 2018; last up to date Might 10, 2019

Stephen Miller is a senior advisor to Donald Trump, as well as a white nationalist who has been liable for a few of Trump’s most anti-immigrant insurance policies — and his biggest failures. Miller has played a central position within the Muslim ban, ending DACA for Dreamers, Trump’s household separation coverage, the early 2019 purge of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and rather more. His efforts have been as cruel as they are ineffective.

Miller began working for Trump during his 2016 marketing campaign, joined the transition staff, and was put in control of domestic policy for the incoming Administration.  This happened although Miller is not a speechwriter, coverage wonk, negotiator, or someone with different clear expertise to offer the White House — relatively, he is an ideologue whose whole life and career have been devoted to extremist insurance policies. He’s discovered a few of that extremism from working alongside different anti-immigrant extremists like former Breitbart head Steve Bannon and former Lawyer Common Jeff Periods. For the final two years, he has helped make those excessive concepts central to the Trump Administration.

This has led to horrible policies for immigrants and their households, and frustration for Democrats and Republicans alike. As Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) put it in January 2019, in the course of the longest ever government shutdown — as long as “Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we are going nowhere. He’s been an outlier for years.”

Different quotes depicting Miller have much more strongly emphasised his extremism. “Stephen actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border. He’s a twisted guy,” one White Home adviser informed Vainness Truthful. “He’s Waffen-SS.”

Advocates, Democrats, and Republicans have all referred to as for Miller’s resignation. Again in June 2018, Republican Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) and Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) both referred to as for Miller to step down over his position in family separations at the border. Miller’s white nationalism and anti-immigrant extremism definitely haven’t any place anyplace close to the White House. You possibly can signal a petition calling on Miller to resign here.

Right here’s what the remainder of this submit covers:

Stephen Miller in the White House

Regardless that studies indicate that Miller is Trump’s last, most trusted adviser, Stephen Miller is truly the Trump Administration’s largest loser. Time and time again, he has led his boss into failure after failure. He has had a hand in virtually all the Administration’s anti-immigrant policies and repeatedly shot down all makes an attempt at actual options and compromise. Though Miller was initially put answerable for all home policy, he has virtually solely targeted on immigration, and implementing policies that hold new immigrants out while expelling those already right here. Miller’s extreme anti-immigrant policies have led the White Home into unforced crises, unnecessary lawsuits, and inflammatory Constitutional conflicts.

Listed here are quite a few examples of when Miller’s anti-immigrant “strategy” steered the White House terribly flawed:

  • The Muslim Ban: Miller was the architect of the first Muslim ban, which created large confusion all through the nation and left legal professionals, immigrants, U.S. permanent residents, elected officials, and even immigration agents with out answers. After the courts blocked the primary implementation, Miller followed up on his unique catastrophe by publicly stating that the second model of the ban had the “same basic policy outcome for the country,” which was later cited by the decide who blocked the Administration’s second attempt on the Muslim ban.
  • Ending DACA: In September 2017, after being pushed by Miller, Trump rescinded the deferred motion for childhood arrivals program (DACA) for Dreamers. Members of Congress then reached a tentative bipartisan compromise to offer Dreamers authorized standing, however Miller tanked that deal by packing it with poison drugs and anti-immigrant calls for. In February 2018, the Senate voted on 4 immigration-and-DACA associated offers. Whereas all four did not move, the Trump/Miller bill garnered the least amount of votes, creating a serious embarrassment for the White House. Presently, DACA stays in limbo with most People blaming Trump for failing to increase the overwhelmingly common protections for young immigrants.
  • Family Separation Policy: Miller played an important position in Trump’s tragic and ongoing family separation / “zero tolerance” coverage. He argued that household separation policy can be a deterrent towards future migration; it wasn’t. The truth is, the numbers of households in search of asylum on the U.S./Mexico border has increased. Ultimately, the overwhelming public backlash to the coverage and a federal courtroom ruling pressured the Trump Administration into retreat. The difficulty was a serious debacle which generated months upon months of horrible press for the White Home, not to mention monumental devastation for countless youngsters and households, and it is unclear what the Trump Administration gained. A yr later, the dangerous press has continued to canine the Administration as hundreds more youngsters have been discovered to have been separated. In the meantime, there are each humane and effective options that would higher handle the rise of households at the border. However Trump and Miller continue to disregard those solutions in favor of chaos, cruelty, and failure.
  • Authorities shutdown (2018-2019): In late 2018, Miller began pushing Trump to close down the government in an try and extract more taxpayer dollars for his pointless border wall. Miller crafted Trump’s first Oval Workplace speech in an try and win help for the border wall, which failed, as did a later January 19 speech. With each speech, Trump’s approval score truly acquired worse. Miller then labored behind the scenes to assist craft new a poison-pill bill which inexplicably provided terrible, anti-immigrant proposals with a view to get the wall that Trump needed. Unsurprisingly, this strategy also failed. Miller’s technique ultimately led to a public revolt among Republican Senators, forcing Trump’s hand and leading to a short lived end to the shutdown. Miller’s technique prompted large problems for federal staff and their households all across the nation, whereas finally gaining nothing in return.
  • Pretend national emergency: After Congress refused to waste money on Trump’s wall, Miller pushed Trump to tug another political stunt by declaring a national emergency alongside the U.S.-Mexico border. The move is doubtless illegal and is unaware of the Constitution. Nationwide safety specialists warned that a national emergency would undermine nationwide safety, while main Republicans warned it might set a harmful precedent. However, Miller defended the move, even after Trump admitted that the declaration was unnecessary (at the similar press conference the place he made his declaration). Both the House and the Republican-controlled Senate then voted for a resolution opposing the national emergency, giving Trump a shocking rebuke and forcing him into his first veto.
  • DHS Purge: In 2019, as his failures on immigration piled up, stories indicated that Miller sought to shift blame onto officials at DHS, the place a full-scale purge started in early April. The already understaffed company — which is chargeable for far more than just immigration — is now more weak to Miller’s technique of chaos, cruelty, and failure.
  • Sending immigrants to protected cities: In April 2019, the Washington Publish reported that Miller pushed for ICE to forcibly ship detained immigrants to protected cities (also called “sanctuary cities”) in a perverse attempt at political retaliation. Sources and emails obtained by Submit affirm that the Administration and Miller repeatedly tried to convince ICE to carry out this legally dubious proposal.  Attorneys for ICE (itself not precisely a beacon for truthful and just insurance policies), nevertheless, warned that such a coverage can be inappropriate and the plan was never carried out. “It was basically an idea that Miller wanted that nobody else wanted to carry out,” a Congressional investigator advised the Publish. “What happened here is that Stephen Miller called people at ICE, said if they’re going to cut funding, you’ve got to make sure you’re releasing people in Pelosi’s district and other congressional districts.”

Read a more detailed account of how Stephen Miller has led the Trump Administration into a collection of immigration failures here.

Stephen Miller’s main failures aren’t the only anti-immigrant insurance policies he’s pushed during his time in the White House. Under are more of the Trump Administration’s modifications and proposed modifications to immigration legal guidelines and laws, spearheaded by Miller:

  • Twice decreasing the entire refugee cap: For 2 years in a row Miller pushed to dramatically minimize the cap on refugees getting into the U.S. For FY 2019, the refugee admissions ceiling is just 30,000, the lowest because the 1980s and a 3rd of the quantity resettled in 2016. The actual number of refugees resettled might still be even decrease — in FY 2018, the ceiling was at 45,000, but only 22,491 refugees have been resettled. Julie Hirschfeld Davis for the New York Occasions characterized Miller’s efforts to cut refugee numbers as “not just to crack down on illegal immigration, but also to fundamentally change the face of legal immigration in America.”
  • Robust Help for the RAISE Act: In August 2017, Miller threw his help behind the RAISE Act, which would have dramatically curbed the immigration of nonwhite People underneath the guise of bringing in better-educated staff. The bill was applauded by many members of the white nationalist group.
  • A push to demonize immigrants via victims of crime: Miller reportedly likes to start out meetings by retelling horror tales of particular person crimes and has pushed for the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE, a Trump program) to raise these stories in the media. A number of DHS officers have pushed back, telling Miller that VOICE was meant to help victims and their families — not demonize immigrants. Miller has also reportedly pushed ICE officials to incorporate private details about detained immigrants in press releases, utterly ignoring their privateness rights.
  • Intervening in individual immigration instances to push for deportation: Miller has repeatedly referred to as DHS officials to personally push for the deportation of particular person immigrants, even as soon as interrupting a Paris trip with a purpose to ensure one man’s removing.
  • A push to finish Short-term Protected Standing (TPS): From the beginning of the Administration, Miller has pressured DHS to finish TPS designations, regardless of the recommendations of U.S. embassies and regional specialists who stated the protections have been vital.
  • A push policy to dramatically restrict the power of working-class immigrants to enter the U.S. and hamper their capacity to stay: Miller has advocated for modifications to “public-charge” guidelines, probably forcing some 18 million noncitizens and 9 million youngsters who are U.S. residents, to choose between primary dietary and housing needs and a continued capacity to stay in the U.S. Similarly, Miller has proposed to evict households with undocumented members from public housing, although this may result in homelessness for 55,000 U.S. citizen and authorized resident youngsters.

Stephen Miller’s 2018 divide and distract midterm election strategy

In an interview with Breitbart in Might 2018, Miller clearly outlined the White Home and Republican midterm political technique for the yr. As he claimed, “The Democratic party is at grave risk of completely marginalizing itself from the American voters by continuing to lean into” pro-immigrant positions. Miller made it clear that the Republican technique for the cycle can be to attempt to squeeze Democrats by fear-mongering towards immigrants.

Numerous numbers of Republicans adopted Trump and Miller into this strategy, cranking out TV and on-line advertisements that painted immigrants as criminals, terrorists, and murderers. These Republicans largely lost, resulting in the most important Democratic positive factors since Watergate. The worst of the worst anti-immigrant candidates, including White House favorites Kris Kobach (KS), Lou Barletta (PA), and Corey Stewart (VA) fared notably badly. General, Miller’s technique of xenophobia massively backfired, simply because it did in Virginia for gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie the yr before, and it was the whole Republican Social gathering which paid a worth for Miller’s miscalculation.

Stephen Miller and the 2016 Trump marketing campaign

In January 2016, Miller left his Senate job with Jeff Periods to hitch the Trump campaign and shortly turned an anti-immigrant heat up act at Trump rallies across the country. Miller additionally helped shape Trump’s darkish and deeply xenophobic marketing campaign messaging, before securing a spot contained in the incoming Administration. He then helped define Trump’s first time period, crafting Trump’s infamously dark inauguration speech.

Miller is one of many Trump marketing campaign and Trump Administration officers implicated in the question of overseas affect and Russian collusion. Three months earlier than the election Miller sat in on a gathering with Donald Trump Jr.; Erik Prince, an Israeli specialist in social media; and  two rich Arab princes. The princes who led Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates proposed a multimillion-dollar social media manipulation effort to assist elect Trump. Whereas it is still unclear if the proposal was carried out or not, Miller’s participation in such a gathering is regarding.

Volume one of many Mueller report that investigated the attainable coordination between Russia and the Trump marketing campaign talked about Miller 16 occasions. The report documented Miller’s communication with Dimitri Simes, the CEO of the Middle for the Nationwide Interest (CNI) — a corporation that, in accordance with the report, had “unparalleled access to Russian officials and politicians among Washington think tanks.” Miller then included advice from CNI in a speech that he wrote for Trump.

George Papadopoulos, a overseas policy advisor on the Trump marketing campaign, additionally “wrote to senior policy advisor Stephen Miller that ‘

Stephen Miller as a white nationalist

If your definition of a white nationalist is “someone who hangs around white nationalists, shares their views, and advances their policies,” it appears fairly clear that Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. Whereas Miller might distance himself from such a label, he has long-standing ties to leaders who have expressly advocated for white management of our political system and his policy preferences mirror theirs.

A posh concept and not using a set definition, white nationalism is an outgrowth of  white supremacy and usually advocates for a nation run by and is principally populated by whites. A few of the commonest definitions offered by specialists on the Southern Poverty Regulation Middle (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League embrace any group that believes in the inferiority of nonwhites and opposition to multiculturalism.

One in every of these specialists, Mark Potok, senior fellow at SPLC, says the term white nationalism means white domination. “White nationalism is the idea that whites should dominate,” he stated, and believers help policies reminiscent of opposing non-white immigration. Potok also points out that modern white nationalists “tend to be less about ethnic slurs, less about Nazi slurs, [and] tend to speak more academic language.”

Miller squarely matches into Potok’s definition. Miller’s policies have an unrelenting concentrate on limiting and eradicating non-white immigrants from the U.S., reflecting the objectives of white nationalists. Miller’s personal statements have additionally walked as much as the line, for instance when he reportedly stated, “I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil.”

Reps. Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and reporters comparable to Luke Darby at GQ and Eric Levitz at New York Journal, among others, have referred to as Miller a white nationalist. Miller’s anti-immigrant, anti-diversity zeal has also been referred to as out by those with previous personal relationships to him. A 2018 profile of Miller revealed that as early as center faculty, he advised a pal that he might not be pals with him as a result of the pal was Latino. Miller’s personal uncle has publicly denounced him as “hypocrite” who “has become the architect of immigration policies that repudiate the very foundation of our family’s life in this country” — referring to past U.S. policy that took in refugees like Miller’s ancestors.

Miller’s childhood rabbi has additionally spoken towards him. “The actions that you now encourage President Trump to take make it obvious to me that you didn’t get my or our Jewish message,” Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels stated throughout a Rosh Hashanah sermon that condemned family separations in 2018. “That notion is completely antithetical to everything I know about Judaism, Jewish law and Jewish values.”

Listed here are a few of the lowlights of Miller’s connection to white nationalism:

  • White nationalists reward his work:
    • The neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin praised Miller as “the last person in the White House that has any sense.”
    • Miller was a robust supporter of the RAISE Act, which a spokesman from the hate group Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) referred to as “the sort of legal immigration reform that we’ve been calling for for a long time.” White nationalist Richard Spencer additionally stated the bill “sounds awesome.”
    • Spencer also asked, “Could Miller and Trump do good things for white Americans? The answer is yes.”
    • The white nationalist David Duke has repeatedly took to Twitter to reward Miller, saying, for instance, “I can’t help it. I like this guy.”
    • In August of 2017, Miller falsely argued that the poem on the Statue of Liberty was “added later” and subsequently, does not mirror American values in the direction of immigrants.  One white nationalist cheered, “Stephen Miller just echoed us on the Statue of Liberty.”
  • Miller supports hate group Middle for Immigration Research (CIS): Based by a white nationalist, CIS has distributed white nationalist content material over 2,000 occasions. Miller was the keynote speaker at a CIS award ceremony in Might 2015 and has continued to cite their junk knowledge whereas working at the White Home.
  • Miller has long-standing links to the hate group David Horowitz Freedom Middle (DHFC): Led by its namesake, David Horowitz, a number one Islamophobe, the DHFC is recognized for its report of demonizing Muslims. In 2006, Miller participated in Horowitz’s first Educational Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C. A yr later, Miller again spoke on the event, which brought collectively elected officers and students.
  • Miller worked with white nationalists and unfold their concepts whereas in school at Duke College: While attending Duke College, Miller wrote a daily newspaper column the place he recurrently railed towards feminism, multiculturalism, and immigration. He also labored with the white nationalist Richard Spencer to convey another outstanding white nationalist, Peter Brimelow, to talk on campus in 2007.  Spencer additionally stated he mentored Miller, but in addition admitted that he needed to keep his relationship with Miller quiet. “I knew [Miller] very well when I was at Duke. But I am kind of glad no one’s talked about this, because I don’t want to harm Trump,” he stated. Peter Laufer, who knew each Miller and Spencer whereas at Duke, identified that their work “was not a one-off relationship.”

Learn a more detailed accounting of why Stephen Miller is a white nationalist right here.

Stephen Miller in his own phrases

  • Miller stated the household separation policy “was a simple decision.”
  • “Am I the only one,” Miller asked in a marketing campaign for his high school class government, “who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?”
  • “Continue to worship at the alter [sic] of multiculturalism and we may come to see that we are participating in the sacrifice of the one culture which binds us all.” Miller wrote in 2006 for the Duke College paper.
  • Miller wrote in 2006, “the Hollywood crowd feels sympathy for the terrorists, detests Republicans and sees America as an obstacle to a better world.”
  • “We saw ourselves as a kind of think tank for immigration issues and linking that to the larger questions of globalism and populism,” Miller stated of his time working to push excessive anti-immigrant ideas with Sen. Jeff Periods.
  • “There is no constitutional right for a citizen in a foreign country who has no status in America to demand entry into our country. Such a right cannot exist. Such a right will never exist,” Miller advised ABC Information in 2017.

Stephen Miller lampooned in pop culture

Popular culture has not ignored the balding man in his mid-thirties with the cruelty streak of a cartoon villain. Listed here are few satirical takes on Stephen Miller:

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